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Envision a map. You’re in the center, enjoying a wonderful meal at Unforked. Now picture dots all around you. Those dots are the farms and local producers that your meal came from. It wasn’t bagged and frozen, it was delivered and prepared today, just for you.

Our food is locally sourced by producers who share the belief that everyone should have clean food options that not only taste great but leave them feeling great too. At Unforked, we went one step further and made eating clean convenient and affordable. It’s what we do!

Our partners are GAP certified or organic farm artisan producers, with fair trade partnerships. When you ‘get Unforked’ you’re getting the highest quality, socially responsible ingredients possible.

Farm to Market

Founded in 1993, Farm to Market Bread Co. is a high-quality, all-natural wholesale bread bakery in the heart of Kansas City. The family owned and locally operated company uses time-honored methods like maintaining starter cultures, using natural ingredients, long fermentation processes, hand forming, and baking in a hearth oven. Our recipes and techniques are influenced by the expertise of centuries of artisan bread bakers.

Herzog Beef

Priding themselves on the care they put into their work from the way they age their meats to the way they run their facilities, Herzog Meat Co. runs on the goal of giving customers premium-grade meat that’s both responsibly made and unbeatable in quality. All Herzog livestock are locally-raised, hand-cut and free of hormones and antibiotics to ensure that every cut you eat is natural and healthy.

Speckman Honey

Speckman Honey is a locally owned and operated farm that produces fresh honey with no added preservatives, flavorings or coloring. Located in Shawnee, KS, Speckman Honey has over 300 bee colonies used for honey production to ensure clean, high-quality honey.

Golden Boy Pies

Golden Boy Pies produces gourmet-quality, fresh baked goods made with care from all-natural ingredients. Located in Overland Park, KS, Golden Boy Pies, is one of the few regional wholesale bakeries still in production.

Boulevard Beer

Founded in 1989, Boulevard Brewing Company has grown to become the largest specialty brewer in the Midwest. The local company produces fresh, flavorful beers using the finest ingredients and the best of both old and new brewing techniques.

OO Bakes (Gluten-Free Buns)

OO Bakes makes delicious hand-crafted gluten, dairy, & egg free baked goods. The OO Bakes has perfected their recipe to ensure high-quality, safe goods for those with dietary restrictions.

Prairie Farms

Farmer-owned for 85 years, Prairie Farms produces nutritious milk and strives to do right for its local community. Prairie Farms’ dairy farmers keep their cows happy and healthy with around-the-clock care — ensuring the highest quality of milk and dairy products.

Lochhead Vanilla

For three generations, the Lochhead Manufacturing Company has produced the finest quality vanilla extracts and flavors available. Lochhead Vanilla is a modern company doing business the old-fashioned way with a team dedicated to excellence, quality and value every day.

Tractor Beverage

Tractor Beverage crafts flavor-forward carbonated and non-carbonated beverages made with no artificial ingredients, no artificial sweeteners or coloring, no preservatives and no synthetic pesticides — just real certified organic ingredients for fresh and high-quality beverages.

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